Sustainability means taking responsibility for our planet and all creatures living on this earth.

We consciously choose to produce our Jewelry with recycled gold and silver which are naturally recyclable materials and make use of this benefit to protect the environment. We created a timeless Basic Collection, with a classic design to last forever. We strongly believe that our products are timeless and maintain the same value. To raise awareness for a sustainable lifestyle we do not offer any sales. Each single piece of LANI LEES is handmade in Germany.


What does sustainability means in the Jewelry business?

Silver and especially Gold are very precious and rare to find in the nature - two facts that makes them very expensive and valuable for our market and economy. To find more of these precious metalls, there are big mines all around the world that are destroying big areas of land, especially by using a lot of toxics, like cyanide or mercury that goes into the nature and destroys natural enviroments of animals and humans, for longterm. This business is made where people, also kids are working for very less money and very bad working conditions.

There are new fairtrade soloutions, that ensure that people who work in these mines are treating and paid fair and is putting up the standard to protect the nature and enviroment. But it's still a long way to transform all mines to become fairtrade. Also because this business is turning more and more into a illegal path.

Above all, the good thing about precious metalls is, they stay valuable and are recycable. These facts, make them very sustainable, if you use this benefit.

Where do we get our silver and gold from?

Our Jewelry is produced to the best possible sustainable standards. We make use of recycled silver from germany in every piece. Wven the base of our in gold plated pieces are of recyled silver, while the gold is recycled as well.

Why do you choose recycled materials?

There is one big benefit of precious metalls – they are recyclable. For jewelry making this means, you can use old jewelry or metals from elsewhere, melt them into one and make new designs out of it. It's very important to be aware of this advantage and possibility, since then, you can help to stop the never ending demand of more precious metalls taken out from the nature. Why not reusing, recycle and upcycle old jewelry to create new designs?


All our pieces are produced by hand in Germany. Either at our production partners in Pforzheim and Hamburgor or in our very own Studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. You can be sure, every piece will be pass by the designers hand itself, before it will be shipped to you.

No big stock / No sale

Following the principles of sustainability, we make every piece of jewelry by hand in Germany. To prevent sales or waste of resources, we produce by request and order. Therefore we don't offer any sale. We believe that our products are timeless and maintain the same value. Jewelry is forever.



Our jewelry is packaged in ecofriendly cutton bags and a recycled boxes. We send via DHL go green.

All pieces of our limited collection are packaged in handmade bags of thai silk and cutton. the fabrics were used for the set of the campaign shooting and are upcycled to reduce waste. We believe in sustainability while creating beautiful products.