Founded in 2016, LANI LEES is a platform for responsible jewelry design, content creation and creative direction. Focusing on authenticity, LANI LEES aims to move and to unite people all around the world.



Taking inspiration from personal experiences, memories and identity, LANI LEES jewelry is handcrafted and embedded with unique, authentic narratives. The Brand collaborates with individuals from it's wider community: people who LANI LEES forms deep, personal connections with and who have their own stories to tell. This reflects the brand’s mission to make universal pieces for people from all walks of life and to use jewelry as a way to foster unity.


Hand crafting each piece to order using recycled gold, silver, and packaging materials, the brand ensures low levels of waste and keeps surplus stock to a minimum.

Designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind, all LANI LEES pieces are made to last. Creating classic items—such as the LANI LEES basic collection, an unchanging assortment of timeless pieces—the brand endeavours to inspire customers to have a deeper connection with jewelry: to see it as something that can be passed down generations rather than bought and discarded in line with passing trends, seasons, and sales.


Inspired by art forms such as music and dance, which many describe as universal languages, LANI LEES aims to connect people from all over the world. The brand celebrates free love and sexuality through its creative direction and aesthetics, with the aim of making these topics more present in contemporary society.

LANI LEES endeavours to be a force for positive change, whether this be through creating genderless collections or through donating to Daughters Rising, a Chiang Mai-based NGO empowering young women and girls at risk of human trafficking.

In short: authenticity, responsibility and unity - are the guiding principles the brand is based upon and endeavours to channel into all of its activities.



CEO & Founder, Designer, Creative Director and Content Creator.

Lani founded LANI LEES in 2016 with her own vision to make a change in the fashion industry by creating responsible jewelry that tell authentic stories.

While she is the designer and creative director of LANI LEES, she also represents LANI LEES as a content creator via @lanilees.

Her experience in the fashion industry goes from design, sales, styling and to modelling which encouraged her to create with the focus on authenticity.

Starting the business with Martin and Florian, two of her longtime friends, LANI LEES is run by the three owners since 2018 - to create and unite people all around the world.






CEO Ruhrmann & Partner

Entrepreneur since 2004

Friend since 2010, husband and family father 
"Unsere Produkte sind ein Statement für eine ökosoziale Lebenseinstellung, wie z.B. Nachhaltigkeit, fairen Handel, Umweltschutz und soziale Verantwortung. Wir wollen wirtschaftliche Interessen mit unseren ökologischen und soziale Werten in Einklang bringen, um Mehrwert für unser Unternehmen und die Gesellschaft zu schaffen; und somit einen kleinen Teil zur Verbesserung der Umwelt beitragen zu können.
Deshalb ist LANI LEES für mich ein Lebensgefühl - und genau das möchten wir mit unseren Produkten vermitteln."





Managing Director at Baldessarini GmbH

Friend since 2012, husband, family father

„Marken müssen Haltung zeigen. Für mich ist es wichtig, dass eine Brand Diversität, Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung lebt. Marken müssen sich auch politisch bekennen. Die Zeit der Anonymität ist vorbei. Deshalb liebe ich es LANI LEES zu unterstützen - eine Herzensangelegenheit für mich.“